About Education at Fiocruz


The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) is an institution of science and technology in health and is part of the Brazilian Ministry of Health. Its main purpose is to produce, disseminate and share knowledge and technologies aimed at strengthening and consolidating the Brazilian Unified Health System (SUS), so contributing to the improvement of the health and life quality of the population.

Fiocruz has its main campus in Rio de Janeiro but it is present in all Brazilian geographical regions.

Its research and development results are focused on reducing social inequalities and looking forward to the national dynamics of innovation, with the defense of the health rights and of broad citizenship as core values.

Albeit not a University Fiocruz is devoted to high quality education in science and technology and innovation in health based on the research of its personnel. Fiocruz offers a broad spectrum of training, ranging from technical courses during High School to graduate programs in several areas, such as:

Doctoral Programs

Aimed at developing competence to conduct original and independent research in specific areas.

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Master Programs

It aims at deepening technical-scientific and academic knowledge, enabling the formation of teachers for higher education, as well as the development of competence to conduct research and develop processes, products and methodologies in specific areas.

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Distance Learning and Certificate Courses

Main areas: Public Health and Public Health Management, Health, Science and Technology Management, Biotechnology, Health Professional Education, Medical Specialties, Sanitary Surveillance, Health Information and Communications.

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Basic and Professional Education

Focuses on the coordination and implementation of teaching programs in strategic areas for Public Health and Science and Technology in health; preparation of educational policy proposals, regulations, curricula, courses, methodologies and educational technologies; Production and dissemination of knowledge in work, education and health.

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Residency Programs

The medicine residency and multiprofessional residency programs offered by Fiocruz are in-service training programs for health professionals under supervision.

Medicine Residency

The program offers broad clinical experience in infectious diseases and maternal and child health, supportive teaching faculty who are leaders in their fields, housestaff research opportunities, and fellowship.

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Multiprofessional Residency

The program offers in service experience at the basic health attention in the context of the national Family Health Program.

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