Second Symposium on Regulation of the Immune Response in Chronic Inflammatory Diseases
last update on 9/28
Live streaming to Canal IOC on Youtube 

October 17, Monday:

12:00: Lunch and registration
13:00: Opening Ceremony: Rodrigo Correa de Oliveira, Vice-president of Research and Biological Collections at FIOCRUZ; Geraldo Pereira, organizing committee
Session 1 – Chair: Geraldo Pereira
13:15: Opening conference: T Regulatory Cells: Past, Present, and Future - Ethan M. Shevach, LISB-NIAID-NIH, USA
Session 2 – Chair: Thabata Rosa
14:15:  The Biochemistry of Mycobacterium leprae’s interaction with Schwann Cells - John T. Belisle, Colorado State University, USA
15:15: Coffee-break and Palacio Itaboraí Orchestra presentation 1
       Session 3 - Chair: Flavio Alves Lara
16:00: Selected abstracts session I. 
- Analysis of Ubiquitinated Proteome of Schwann Cell Infected with Mycobacterium leprae – Débora  Silva, Fiocruz
- Protein geranylgeranylation potentially protects Mycobacterium leprae by regulating the production of the inflammatory cytokine IL-1beta: A new treatment perspective – Matheus Rocha, Fiocruz
M. leprae-specific Tregs and dominant tolerance threshold for active disease in leprosy – Natasha Cabral, Fiocruz
Analysis of the role of inflammasome in the pathogenesis of erythema nodosum leprosum (ENL) – Thabatta Rosa, Fiocruz
October 18, Tuesday:
Session 4 – Chair: Zilton Vasconcelos
09:00: Integrating multiparametric flow cytometry, single cell sequencing and spatial transcriptomics – Marcela Henao Tamayo, Colorado State University, USA
10:00: Coffee-break
Session 5 - Chair: Roberta Olmo
10:30: Current Leprosy and Tuberculosis research initiatives in Paraguay - Chyntia Carolina Diaz Acosta - Universidad Nacional de Asunción, Paraguai  
11:10: Eicosanoids and Pro-Resolving Lipid Mediators as Potential Biomarkers for Leprosy in Household Contacts -  Carlos Adriano de Mattos e Silva, Colorado State University and Fiocruz
11:30: A success story: Fiocruz's covid-19 response - Érika M De Carvalho, UNADIG/Fiocruz 
12:00: Lunch break
Session 6 – Chair: Vinicius Cota
13:15: Oral presentations session II
Interim analysis of Randomized Clinical Trial to study simvastatin use to prevent reactional episodes in persons affected by leprosy – Ximena Illarramendi, Fiocruz
Exhausted CD4+ T Cells and CD8+ T Cells in People Living with HIV receiving Long-Term Antiretroviral Therapy – Paulo Afonso, Fiocruz
Analysis of the presence of M1/M2 and exhausted macrophages in the spleen of dogs naturally infected with Leishmania infantum – Tainã Souza, Fiocruz
     - Evaluation of spike-specific memory B lymphocytes in individuals after vaccination with AstraZeneca-Oxford/Fiocruz + Pfizer - Andre Candeia, UNADIG/Fiocruz 

 Session 7 – Chair: Leila Mendonça
14:30:  The genome and epigenome of esophageal cancer: what lessons can we learn?  Sheila Coelho - National Cancer Institute (INCA), Brazil.
15:15: Coffee-break and Palacio Itaboraí Orchestra presentation 2
Session 8 – Chair: Cristina Pessolani
15:45:  A Phase 1b/2a, Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Antigen Dose-Escalation Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability, and Immunogenicity of LEP-F1 + GLA-SE in Adult Participants in Areas Endemic for Leprosy.  Verônica Schmitz, IOC/Fiocruz.
16:30: Single cell Multiomics, Nayane Galdino, BD
October 19, Wednesday:
Session 9 – Chair: Sheila Coelho
09:00: High-dimensional flow cytometry and single-cell RNASeq as approaches to discover biomarkers and elucidate immune mechanisms associated with immunotherapy response in melanoma patientsAmanda Braga de Figueiredo, Instituto Israelita Albert Einstein
10:00: Palacio Itaboraí Sensorial Trail + Coffee-break
Session 10 – Chair: Mariana Gandini
11:00: NovaFluor dyes for conventional and spectral flow cytometryLucas Rizzo, Especialista de Produtos at Thermo Fischer Scientific
11:30: New products for Illumina sequencing technologyEder Pires, Illumina
12:00: Closing remarks: The organizing committee and invited speakers
12:15: Lunch break
Session 11 – Chair: Eliane Campagnuci
13:30: Perspectives in high-dimensional flow cytometry and molecular biology at FIOCRUZ- core Facilities teams – The FIOCRUZ Network of Core Facilities Meeting