Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we have new dates for the event: November 23-25 

At the International School on Big Data and Epigenomics applied to Public Health, students will have the opportunity to get in touch with the theoretical foundations of Big Data and Epigenomics, as well as understanding their applications in studies in humans, pathogens and associated diseases. We highlight the participation of internationally renowned experts, in addition to Brazilian researchers with expertise in those areas. 
This International School is open to interested researchers and graduate students, both from the organizing and external institutions. Registration is free of charge. Talks will be broadcasted in real-time on  the Campus Virtual FIOCRUZ platform. The official language of the event will be English.


Registration is required and free of charge.

Registration for on-site attendees is open to graduate students and researchers.  Check the "Inscrições" tab.

For all candidates, the following information is required:
Affiliation (Institution/Laboratory/Graduate Program) - see Instituição 
Current position (Professor/Researcher/Graduate Student) - see Cargo
Motivation letter for attending the course - see Demonstração de interesse

Candidates must be proficient in Linux and in the R programming language.  We encourage candidates to submit abstracts of their current research on Big data in Epigenomics / Epigenetics for oral presentation. Please check the Oral Presentation tab